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I’m thrilled to announce our campaign has secured an independent ballot line this November, thanks to the 2,300 Westchester residents who signed our petition. That’s over three times the amount required.

We will now have two ballot lines – Republican and Common Sense. George Latimer also has two ballot lines – down from the five he had his last campaign. Latimer’s second ballot line is the radical and quasi-socialist Working Families Party.

The contrast is stark. Westchester does not need more radical policies; we need Common Sense!

Under George Latimer, spending has skyrocketed by a quarter of a billion dollars while property and sales taxes have exploded by $160 million combined.

Radical policies from our state, county and our local school districts have led to:

– Spikes in violent crime and law enforcement under attack;

– Small businesses punished with new and burdensome taxes and regulations;

– Parental rights ignored by the forced masking and indoctrination of our kids with Critical Race Theory.

People are hurting and George Latimer refuses to use the platform he has as Westchester’s top official to fight for our kids by standing up to Albany and out-of-control school districts.

I am running for county executive to be your voice of Common Sense in a world gone mad. Join me by donating or signing up to volunteer at

Thank you
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Long overdue 👋🏻STATEMENT from #NYSenateGOP Leader Senator Rob Ortt regarding Governor Andrew Cuomo’s state of emergency announcement today ⬇️ See MoreSee Less

Long overdue 👋🏻

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Now remove him for usurping the US Constitution.

Westchester parents are rightfully looking to eliminate Critical Race Theory, in all its forms* from our schools, as it is a dangerous ideology that seeks to indoctrinate the most innocent among us -our children- as well as, aims to deconstruct all facets of society.

CRT falsely accuses American society of being “racialized”. This means you are either an oppressor or you are oppressed and your race and skin color -both immutable traits- determines into which category you fall.

We know from the great Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. that a person should only be judged, “by the content of their character”, but CRT wants to abolish this cherished belief.

Americans are the most tolerant, loving and generous people because we draw our collective strength from how diverse we are as a people, as well as, from our diversity of thought.

We cannot allow our educational institutions to use CRT, as a way to indoctrinate our children in an ideology that hates America. We must defend our founding principles that are rooted in the belief that we have a God given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Of equal importance, is the belief that no government possesses the power to take these inalienable rights away from us nor do they have a right to purge our history of the incredible progress—born of great struggle and even greater sacrifice.

We must not succumb to an ideology that seeks to sow fear and division (or segregate us!) within our communities by separating children, families, and neighbors. It has to STOP NOW – in all of its forms, in all of our schools.

Our schools were founded with the goal of promoting literacy and academics so our children are not only equipped to make informed decisions and participate equally in the growth and progress of the nation but to also have the opportunity to achieve the American Dream! Schools were not established to culturally exploit our children in any ideology or theory based on skin color, ethnicity or any other social experiment and if I’m elected your county executive you can rest assured I will stand with you to protect our children.


You will not want to miss this video of a mom at a school board meeting in Carmel, NY (located In Putnam County—Westchester’s neighbor to the north):
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Absolutely no in our schools!

Should be posted in every district. Beware of the other catch phrase being used too: DEI. Diversity Equity Inclusiveness. Some districts are using play on words. Such as Eastchester. We didn’t move back here to pay 17K a year for NYC DOE education.

From General Mark Milley, Chair of the JCS:

Maria Chianese Bietsch

It's so wrong and so divisive , and it's not who we are as people , and these democrat politicians are using us all , and our kids for political purposes and will create hate where there is none . Under no circumstances should all our kids be subject to this hateful indoctrination , everyone stand up and stop this now

From Malaika Jabali: "I’ve been trying not to wade into this much bc I hate being reactive to foolishness, but it’s annoying as hell being a Black woman lawyer taught by a number of preeminent Critical Race Theory pioneers and see it butchered like this, from every end of the ideological spectrum. Critical Race Theory is a form of legal scholarship that responded to a pervasive ideology that the law/legal decisions were colorblind. This should not be controversial in 2021. Other fields then applied certain CRT tenants to their studies. Critical Race Theory is not “diversity & inclusion” programs. It’s not even primarily about mandating an accurate reframing of history (though it can include that). Its founders are legal scholars who felt it necessary to apply a racial lens to understanding US laws. It spun off from leftist Critical Legal Studies, which was premised on the idea that law could enforce and perpetuate injustice, instead of being some neutral, apolitical science. But many CRT scholars felt analysis of race and the role of white supremacy in the development of US law & legal decisions was severely lacking. CRT came in to fill in a gap in legal scholarship to explain our legal system; not to be an overarching explanation of all the things in the world. Still, leading CRT scholars often examine the role of class, gender, and other social statuses & their relationship with the law. So no it’s not taught in grade school & it shouldn’t be! No one is teaching 2nd graders organic chemistry or calculus. Think of this similarly & respect Black scholarship. Studying case law & policy is hard AF (umm that’s why law schools exist) & that’s what CRT scholars focus on. So if by CRT you just mean “history,” just say that. But these are two separate fields. And if you’re a mainstream media outlet trying to explain CRT without consulting or interviewing any of the current living, breathing scholars— from Kendall Thomas to Patricia Williams to Kimberle Williams Crenshaw, what are you really doing? It’s not even about responding to the right at this point, it’s just good journalism, cuz too many damn people out here confused & it’s taken every ounce of my patience not to respond to every single person perpetuating falsehoods, from liberals, to right wingers, to “leftists.” And y’all know I love a good resource. Folks may recommend “Critical Race Theory: The Key Writings That Formed the Movement,” (L) but it’s really an academic text, bc it was meant for this world of legal scholarship. I’d suggest “Critical Race Theory: An Introduction) (R)"

Many of us support westchester republican party views but dont support sculti. Bad choice… Very bad choice.

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*Attention* We will be meeting with small business owners located in Somers, NY on July 2nd & 3rd to learn more about the changes they would like to see in Westchester County and how our campaign can advance policy that better supports them. Please DM, comment or email us if you would like to meet with us and feature your business. See MoreSee Less

First Father’s Day without my dad and second as a dad. Fathers have the ability to shape minds, while the next generation has the ability to change minds. Happy Father’s Day to all. See MoreSee Less

Juneteenth See MoreSee Less

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He makes a great point

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